Plan Your Getaway Weekend in Dubbo

Plan Your Getaway Weekend in Dubbo

Make the most of your Dubbo weekend trip

Many of you know of Dubbo in New South Wales as a memorable place to visit. The city is a tourist haven with plenty of cultural, historical, and natural attractions for enthusiasts of all types. What’s more, as a major tourist area, Dubbo is also home to some top-notch accommodation.

What’s the deal in Dubbo?

Dubbo is a city located about 5 hours northwest of Sydney. An inland city, Dubbo has a warm, temperate climate with even rainfall. However, regardless of the season, temperatures rarely get to the extremes, making the relatively pleasant conditions attractive to tourists.

It’s not just the pleasant climate that makes this city worthy of note. It’s also rich in history, with the Wiradjuri Nation settling in the area as early as 40,000 years ago.

The city’s climate, activities, and rich history make it one of the top tourist spots in the Country and, as expected, there are plenty of places to stay in Dubbo, such as The palms Motel, for example.

What to do in Dubbo

What to do in Dubbo

Here’s how to make the most of your Dubbo trip. Aside from the pleasant climate, the real draw of Dubbo lies in its many attractions, such as these listed below (click on each one for more information):

  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo
  • Western Plains Cultural Centre
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Experience
  • Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden
  • Old Dubbo Gaol
  • Sappa Bulga National Park
  • Mugga Hill
  • Parks
  • Shopping
  • Heritage Sites

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is more than just a zoo. It’s also a renowned conservation site that studies how to better care for local wildlife and ecosystems. For casual visitors, this place has tons of things to see and do, including the Safari, where visitors can ride a safari truck, the Waterhole, which contains animal habitats, and many other wildlife exhibits.

Those who want an overnight stay can rent one of the zoo’s eco-lodges. However, those who don’t wish to remain onsite will find excellent, relaxing, comfortable accommodation spots in Dubbo itself, such as The Palms Motel, Dubbo

Western Plains Cultural Centre

Those who are into art, photography, culture and history should not miss a visit to the Western Plains Cultural Centre. Located along Wingewarra, this place houses multiple exhibits, programs, and events to satisfy even the most hardcore culture enthusiasts.  Their exhibits are of note, focusing on varied art media, presented with workshops, talks, and tours.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Experience

Witness the heroic acts of medical care workers as they provide services to the Australian Outback. This place features an interactive experience, with exhibits focusing on the activities of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The exhibits show the experience from the eyes of both the medical workers and the indigenous communities they serve. So, if you’re up for an eye-opening experience that touches Australian history, culture, and people, this place is for you. 

Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden

Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden features multiple attractions. There’s an area that showcases local plant life, and another area features a sensory experience with plants, but one of the most famous of their exhibits is the Japanese strolling garden.

You’ve probably already seen one in movies or on the telly – large gardens that feature multiple paths where visitors can stroll to enjoy the view. You don’t have to go all the way to Japan to visit one because there’s a perfectly maintained garden in Dubbo. Then, your moments of relaxation don’t have to end after your stroll! Make sure to book your Dubbo NSW accommodation that can help keep the relaxation train going.

Old Dubbo Gaol

Those itching to learn more about the city’s rich past should visit Old Dubbo Gaol. This 19th-century prison features tours and exhibits that detail the city’s colourful history. Life in the early colonisation of the country, interactions with the indigenous people, in-depth views about prison life – Old Dubbo Gaol is a treasure trove of Dubbo history.

Sappa Bulga National Park

If you’re looking for plant and wildlife outside of a zoo, Sappa Bulga National Park may be to your liking. Visitors can enjoy activities such as camping, trail hiking, sightseeing, and many others. There have been sightings of different animals in this national park, so if you’re interested in seeing them, add them to your itinerary.

Mugga Hill

Dubbo has no shortage of attractions for adventurous tourists, and Mugga Hill is one of them. Beginners and advanced cyclists from all over visit Mugga Hill as the trails here are well-maintained and quite diverse. Some rules that must be followed, though, so do take note before you ride.


Visiting families may also want a taste of the local park life. Luckily, Dubbo has multiple parks where visitors can enjoy picnics, casual strolls, or even grill outdoors.

Just some of the parks found in the city are:

  • Elston Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Elizabeth Park
  • NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park.

These parks all have unique amenities, so be sure to check what these are beforehand. Of course, a lovely day at the park can also be pretty tiring, so be sure to get plenty of rest afterwards. Families looking for Dubbo NSW accommodation have a number of choices that are accessible from these parks.


The city is a retail shopper’s paradise. Locals from surrounding areas even flock to Dubbo due to its diverse shopping scene. There are several shopping malls and markets in the city, containing both local and international brands. For maximum accessibility to these stores, find accommodation in Dubbo CBD.

Heritage Sites

Finally, visitors who can’t get enough of Dubbo’s history may find some of its heritage sites worth visiting. Among the most notable ones include:

Are you looking for accommodation in Dubbo? Check out The Palms Motel
Are you looking for accommodation in Dubbo? Check out The Palms Motel.

There are a lot of Dubbo NSW accommodation options, but few are as convenient and homely as The Palms Motel, Dubbo. Located in the heart of the city, The Palms is a stone’s throw away from many Dubbo attractions. We’ve also got excellent service and clean, spacious, and cosy rooms. Give us a try. Learn more about us today by clicking here.

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