Exploring Natural Dubbo

Exploring Natural Dubbo

There is plenty of natural wonders in Dubbo waiting to be explored.

If you’re visiting or touring New South Wales for a weekend or a few days, one of the most relaxing things you can do is to explore the natural parks in Dubbo and the Orana Region of New South Wales. There are a lot of natural sights you can explore to make the most out of your stay. To help you draft your itinerary, here are recommended places to visit that are all located close to the perfect accommodation in Dubbo.

Public Parks in Dubbo

Public Parks in Dubbo

There are at least four nature parks to explore in the region. These Dubbo parks are constantly maintained and developed by the local council to create a public space to enjoy some green grass and fresh air, and they’re free. Here are some Dubbo parks to add to your itinerary:

Elizabeth Park

At Elizabeth Park, you can find the new Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden. It is close to East Dubbo and is free to all visitors. It has four major gardens with much to discover, including Biodiversity, Shoyoen Sister City, Dubbo Sensory Gardens, and Oasis Valley.

Victoria Park

This is one of the oldest parks, where families can enjoy a picnic and barbeque under the shade of the trees. It features Livvi’s Garden, a disabled-accessible playground for all children to enjoy and many locals also visit Victoria Park for its skate park, sporting ovals, and gardens.

Regand Park

Enjoy majestic views of the Macquarie River from the eastern side through either its corridor path or cycle way system. Regand Park is home to different local species of birds and other animals where you can enrich your wildlife experience.

Wiradjuri Park

On the other side of the Macquarie River, from the west, is Wiradjuri park, where you can fulfil the ultimate cultural experience. Wiradjuri Park is an indigenous community meeting place that celebrates Aboriginal Australian culture. There is so much to explore and learn in this part of Dubbo, especially if you’re intrigued by Indigenous history and culture.

Public Gardens in Dubbo

Public Gardens in Dubbo

There are a lot of green spaces to discover in Dubbo, although some of them may not be your standard public park visit and picnic. These gardens have different themes for a variety of experiences. Check out our list of other places to visit in Dubbo, all of which are just a short distance from The Palms Motel, Dubbo, your preferred Dubbo accommodation.

Aladdin’s Cave Bottlehouse

This is a fantasy haven made for people of all ages. Here, you can find antique bottlehouse collections and flowering eucalyptus. Aladdin’s Cave Bottlehouse is a great place to visit for families with children.

Dundullimal Homestead

Dundullimal Homestead and its sandstone stables and timber church are a National Trust site. Built in the 1840s, Dundullimal Homestead is Dubbo’s oldest building complex open to the public and the beautiful buildings are surrounded by gardens.

Visiting Dundullimal is the perfect outing for the family. There is a café as well as picnic facilities, gardens, gift shop and guided tours – all of which offer disabled access.

Tombstone Estate Vineyard

If you are looking for another kind of garden, Tombstone Rose Garden will surely give an experience for the senses. Located in Basalt Road, the Tombstone Estate Vineyard is also a relaxing stop where you can enjoy a sip of hand-picked wine.

Discover the Wildlife in Dubbo

Discover the Wildlife in Dubbo

The abundant wildlife in Dubbo makes it the perfect place to visit for children and people young-at-heart. These are unforgettable experiences for everyone, so, if you’re staying in Dubbo, the following places are a must-visit!

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

A visit to the local zoo is a must, especially for all the animal lovers out there. The Taronga Western Plains Zoo has about 35 different species of animals from different parts of the world. Also known as the Dubbo Zoo or Western Plains Zoo, it is open from 9am to 4pm daily, even on Christmas Day, and it is only 2kms from The Palms Motel, Dubbo.

Savannah Visitor Plaza and Free Access Area

Another part of the zoo nearby is the Savannah Visitor Plaza where children can enjoy open space and run freely in the safari park playground. Adults, meanwhile, can enjoy a view of the primates’ island while feasting on a hearty meal and having a relaxing drink.

Caves and other Rock Formations in Dubbo

Caves and other Rock Formations in Dubbo

Nature explorations would not be complete without a hike. Novice or veteran hikers alike, Dubbo has some of the most amazing spots for you.

Terramungamine Rock Grooves

This wonderful sight near the Macquarie River was created by Australia’s indigenous Tubbagah people. The Terramungamine Rock Grooves are open to the public for free. See over 150 rock carvings created by the Tubbagah people over the years by sharpening tools.

Wellington Caves and Holiday Complex

Take a guided tour of the Wellington Caves to see the naturally formed caverns of Gaden Cave and the Cathedral Cave. Journey down and through these spaces to see stalactites, cave coral, flowstone, and helictites. Pick up a bit of geological and archaeological knowledge whilst you’re in Dubbo.

Macquarie River Trails

There are five trails to choose from around the Macquarie River that highlight themes of art, bird watching, education, heritage, river, cycling and fishing. Head to the Macquarie River Trails website for more information about how to best explore the region.

Exploring Nature through the Sky

Exploring Nature through the Sky

Your exploration of natural beauty doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. The stars are absolutely beautiful in Dubbo. Enjoy an evening walk alone, with a loved one, or your four-legged friend.

Dubbo Observatory

Book early at the Dubbo Observatory to get a chance to explore the night skies with their new 17-inch telescope before you leave. It is the second largest public observatory in Australia.

Seek The stars in A Dubbo National Park

Some parks are open 24 hours a day so you can enjoy the breeze of the night. Visit Victoria Park and one of its ovals for your nightly walk or jog or stroll around other parks like Bendal Park and Daphne Park. If you wish to go camping, try Biddybungie Reserve or the North Burrabidine Reserve.

Visit Nature Parks Near Your Dubbo Accommodation

Visit Nature Parks Near Your Dubbo Accommodation

It is important to go out and get some fresh air from time to time – especially at this time of the pandemic. Whether you are up for a walking adventure or simply want to sit by the grass and enjoy the view, there will be a perfect spot for you near your accommodation in Dubbo.

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