Best places to go biking in Dubbo NSW

Best places to go biking in Dubbo NSW

Amazing places to explore by bike in Dubbo

Biking in Dubbo is a popular activity for many reasons, such as the nice climate in the area and the abundance of great cycling spots. This post will discuss a variety of cycling spots that you can enjoy.

Also, note that these spots are found both in and around the city. This means that you have a choice between cycling closer or farther from your accommodation in Dubbo.

10 places to go biking in Dubbo

Here are 10 of the best places to go biking in and around Dubbo:

1. Tracker Riley Cycleway in Sir Roden Cutler Park

The Tracker Riley Cycleway is among the most popular spots to go biking in Dubbo. This is a 13-kilometre circuit that extends from the Dundullimal Homestead to the city’s business district.

What’s great about this place is that it was built specifically with cyclists in mind. In addition, the location is excellent because it is within the city, and it features paths lined with greenery and a gorgeous view of the Macquarie River.

Mugga Hill

2. Mugga Hill

Located just a few minutes outside the city centre, Mugga Hill is among the most popular nature-based bike trails in Dubbo.

Riders of all experience levels will have trails to explore here, and it is pretty safe for all skill levels due to regular maintenance.

3. Wahroonga Park

Wahroonga Park is one of the most family-friendly public spaces in Dubbo. If you are in Dubbo with kids, Wahroonga is an excellent choice, with its cycling areas that children of all ages can enjoy.

Aside from the child-friendly cycling area, this place also features amenities like shelters, picnic grounds, barbecues, and playgrounds. Dubbo’s local government has taken extra steps to make all these accessible, so add Wahroonga Park to your Dubbo itinerary.

Terramungamine Reserve

4. Terramungamine Reserve

Terramungamine Reserve is a historically important site to the Tubbagah and Wiradjuri as it contains their rock carvings that date back millennia.

Since this is a reserve, expect the cycling trail to have a lot of greenery. Trails even reach the Macquarie River in some parts, giving cyclists a scenic view.

This place also has camping and fishing areas, and visitors can do these activities for free. Terramungamine Reserve is north of the Dubbo city centre, not too far from Newell Highway.

5. Powter Park BMX Track

Powter Park BMX Track isn’t for the faint-hearted. As the name implies, this track is specially designed for BMX stunt riding.

It features several installations that BMX enthusiasts will enjoy, including berms, stutters, jumps, and a competition-level circuit.

Powter Park BMX Track is in Edwin Street, not too far off Barden Park. Be sure to wear the correct safety equipment before going.

6. Dickigundi Reserve

Dickigundi Reserve is another excellent biking spot that puts cyclists close to nature. Enjoy a great view of that side of the Macquarie River, known for its unique variety of plants. Aside from cycling, other activities like swimming, camping, fishing, and trail walking are also available.

Dickigundi Reserve is about 15 kilometres to the west of the Dubbo city centre.

Dundullimal Reserve

7. Dundullimal Reserve

For those who want to bike on a reserve without leaving the city have Dundullimal Reserve to wander in. This place features a mountain bike trail, popular among local biking enthusiasts.

It’s part of the Tracker Riley cycling area, but we believe it deserves its own entry since there are many other activities to enjoy in Dundullimal. Some of these include fishing, birdwatching, and picnic areas.

Beni Nature Reserve

8. Beni Nature Reserve

Also known as the Beni State Conservation Area, this popular spot features a dirt track that attracts cyclists from all over. It’s geared towards mountain bikers, so do keep that in mind when considering Beni.

Aside from cycling, this place also has campsites, picnic spots, and many interesting flora and fauna to watch out for.

Beni Nature Reserve is east of Dubbo, just a few minutes’ drive through Whitewood Road.

Here are the most popular bike loops in and around Dubbo, according to the Dubbo Bicycle User Group:

  • Rosedale: This 25-kilometre loop is an easy to moderately difficult ride that goes in and out of the city.
  • Basher hill: Known as the Basher-Boothenba Circuit, this loop is a tad bit challenging and features some elevated areas to bike on.
  • Rawsonville to Minore: This loop is one of the lengthiest ones (Almost 70 kilometres long) and goes to the outskirts of Dubbo.
  • Camp Road-Sappa Bulga: While short, this is another challenging loop located close to the city.

10. Cycle around town

Dubbo has a pretty good reputation for being friendly to bikers. The city of Dubbo also has plenty of bike lanes and is quite safe when it comes to road rules.

The biggest advantage of this, however, is that you won’t have to go too far from your accommodation in Dubbo.

Some tips before biking in Dubbo

Some tips before biking in Dubbo

Different cities offer varied biking experiences. As such, be sure to always look for city-specific tips before going on a ride. Here are some Dubbo-specific tips that we have gathered:

  1. Mind the lane rules: Dubbo has plenty of bike lanes, so use these whenever they are present. In areas of the city without bike lanes, stay on the lane’s left side.
  2. Watch out for magpies: Magpies breed in Dubbo in the spring. Watch out when biking during these months because cyclists that get too close to magpie nests can get attacked.
  3. Hands on the handle and feet on the pedal: It is an offense to have both hands off the bike handles or to have both feet off the pedals. Keep them on at all times.
  4. Check the footpath signposts: Some footpaths do not allow bicycles on them. Check the signposts to see if riding is permitted. Also, children below 12 are an exception to this rule, provided they stay on the left.
  5. Bike lockers: Bike lockers are available in some parts of the city, like Church Street and the Macquarie Library. Consult the staff situated in these locations for their services.

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