10 Activities for Families Visiting Dubbo

Aside from prioritising your booking accommodation in Dubbo, you should also think about how you and your family can make your stay in the city worthwhile. There are many different attractions that you can visit and there are also different activities that you can do as a family. This is a lively and historical city that offers adventure and memorable experiences.

Things to do in Dubbo with your family

After making sure that your Dubbo NSW accommodation is all set, you can start listing down the different activities you can do as a family when you visit. This is quite important, especially if you want to make every moment count.

Here are a few things to do in Dubbo:

1. Appreciate Art and Culture

Visit the Western Plains Cultural Centre, where the Dubbo Regional Museum is located. You’ll find artworks depicting the culture of the early settlers of the region and other important pieces of history.

One part of the cultural centre is Dubbo Regional Gallery which serves as an art space for the modern and contemporary artists who are specialising in moving images. The merging of two different eras in one location makes the Plains Cultural Centre quite attractive.

2. Reflect and Appreciate the Culture and History

Your Dubbo visit will not be complete if you do not visit one of the places where you can understand how the indigenous peoples of the region lived. Make this trip a way for your children to appreciate the rich culture of the Wiradjuri peoples. This is the perfect place where you can also reflect on the history of Australia and learn more about the traditional custodians of the land. You can download this educational booklet on Traditional Wiradjuri Culture for your kids.

3. Explore Wildlife

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is not only for kids, it is also a great place for adults. There are different events that are perfect for families at the Savannah Function and Events Centre.

While your children are busy running around the Safari Park Adventure Playground, you can have a cup of coffee at Bakhita’s Café. There is also a picnic ground and a barbeque area where you can have your snacks. Before you leave, you can stop by the Zoo Shop.

10 Activities for Families Visiting Dubbo - Dubbo

4. Understand Biodiversity

There are four different areas that you can visit at Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden. You can take a walk at the grassy Biodiversity Garden and enjoy the view of the community vegetation and native birds when you go up the volcanic slope. You will also be able to see the surviving species of the Australian Dry Rainforest at the Oasis Valley. If you want to enjoy the view of colourful flowers, you can go to the Sensory Garden. The last area is a refreshing garden that you will find when you enter through the traditional Japanese Gate.

5. Heritage Walk

If you want to know more about the city, you can take a guided tour with some other visitors from the Visitors Information Centre to the Court House to St. Brigid’s Catholic Church. As you visit different sites, the guide will be telling stories. You can freely ask questions if there is something that you want to know about any place. This is a great activity that you can enjoy because you’ll get to know the people and the place better, while exploring at a leisurely pace.

10 Activities for Families Visiting Dubbo - Dubbo

6. Morning Walk at the Macquarie River Trails

If you are looking for an early morning activity in Dubbo, you can go for a walk with the whole family along the Macquarie River. You can establish your connection with nature again while you enjoy the mesmerising view along the river. You can also go fishing or boating if you have more time. These are just some of the activities that are being offered on the Macquarie River.

7. Horse Riding

Whether you are an experienced rider or just a beginner, you will definitely enjoy your day with your family at the Western Plain Riding Centre. They offer trail rides for 8-year-old’s and above. They also provide riding lessons for beginners. This will make your visit to Dubbo more exciting and adventurous.

8. Swim and Play

The kids will surely be looking for the best place to play and swim. Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre has a shaded leisure pool just beside the playground for young children. There is also an Olympic size swimming pool for the bigger kids and adults. You can also consider preparing food for the family at the barbeque area while the kids are enjoying the water.

9. Experience Australia’s Largest Trampoline Playground

There is a place in Australia where you and your family can enjoy trampoline sports and other games during your visit. Flip Out Trampoline Arena is the perfect spot for the whole family. It features a trampoline playground where you can jump and flip on foam pits. Open for all ages, this can make your Dubbo visit the perfect time for you to enjoy every moment with your children.

10. Purchase fresh local produce

If you want to know how it feels to be part of the community and you want to prepare fresh and natural food for your family while you are staying in Dubbo, you should visit Dubbo Farmers’ Market. It is one of the attractions in the city not only because of its wide selection of locally produced food but also because of its lively and warm community atmosphere.

10 Activities for Families Visiting Dubbo - Dubbo

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